“All Over the Mirror” by Julian Mendez Perea

Julian Mendez Perea


All Over the Mirror

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His window faces mine, but on an upper floor—
so to see into my room he must look down.
A mirror on my table lets me monitor
his window without standing near my own.

I know that from that angle he can only see
below my waist. Each night I bait the trap:
I switch the lamp off—strip—then turn on my tv—
and sit down where its light shines on my lap.

The moment he’s caught sight of me, his shutters close—
but only partly, never all the way.
I sense him caught behind that line of light, exposed
by his compulsion to come out and play.

When I start jacking off I see that line of light
grow wider and then wider by degrees.
In the mirror that I’ve placed in front of me, the sight
of his emerging face will make me squeeze
my cock till both my balls ache.
my cock till both my balls ache… That’s more than he can bear.
He cranes his neck. He sticks his head outside.
I’m jacking off so fast now that he doesn’t care
who sees him.
who sees him… Though his window’s opened wide,
I cannot see his body. And he can’t see my face.
I wonder what would happen were he able
to knock and enter
to knock and enter.. kneel and suck my cock
to knock and enter kneel and suck my cock…. embrace—.
My cum squirts on the mirror on the table.


after the Reverend Boyd McDonald’s
“Straight To Hell: True Homosexual Experiences”