Photograph by Michael Brandonisio

Michael Brandonisio


Darling Divine


         “I got a cock in my pocket
          and I’m reelin’ down the old highway”

         and I’m reelin’ down the old—Iggy Pop


Our Lady the accursed mademoiselle
the alchemist of base metals

Our Lady incendiary poet of the latrine
of the anus’s golden eye

Our Lady of the handsomest orphans
of the alternative beauties

Our Lady kisses murderers & thieves
waters a sailor’s rose bouquet

Our Lady a pornographic martyr
on the rooftop with the Teuton

Our Lady cruises the cemetery
hooks up with undercover dicks

Our Lady baits tricks for kicks
makes his living off old-time queens

Our Lady of the Nembutals & Gitanes
of the death lust & muscle dramas

Our Lady patroness of the evil impulse
of the frolicking pink negligee

Our Lady primed for Sunday service
host salivates in his mouth