“Snow Fuck” by Julian Mendez Perea

Julian Mendez Perea


Snow Fuck Sonnet

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When I was in my 20’s I would get so hot
that I would sometimes jack off in the snow.
Out in the woods behind the house there was a spot,
deserted in the winter, where I’d go
and strip my clothes completely off to feel the shock
of full exposure, face turned toward the wind.
I’d squeeze my burning nuts and stroke my cock
as snowflakes swirled and melted on my skin.

I never felt the cold before I felt the rise
of cum within. I’d drop first to my knees,
then fall face first, my hard-on buried to the thighs
in snow—where my hot load would fly and freeze.
And only when my cock had cooled would I begin
to shiver. I’d dress quickly. And go in.


after the Reverend Boyd McDonald’s
“Straight To Hell: True Homosexual Experiences”