“Virgin Spanking the Christ Child” by Max Ernst

Max Ernst

Read the guidelines before submitting… OR ELSE!

About Our Next Issue (#13)


The Random Issue — poems about randomness, and poems on a random assortment of themes.


December 31, 2010

After the deadline, please do not submit work until we announce what the theme for SCR #14 will be. That announcement will occur within issue #13.


A future issue of SCR (possibly #13 – it depends on when her book is published) will be dedicated to the memory of M.A. Griffiths, otherwise known as “grasshopper,” “Margaret” or “Maz.” If you have any reminiscences (preferably brief) or memorable Maz quotes you’d like to share, send them to . Include the word Maz in the subject line.

We are not reviewing artwork submissions for Issue #13.

Submission Guidelines


  1. The Shit Creek Review will publish bi-annually in February-ish and July-ish, and seeks to present high-quality original work in the fields of poetry and art.
  2. Submission deadline dates and themes for the next issue will be specified in each current issue.
  3. In poetry, we are biased towards formalism, but by no means dismissive of vers libre. We are looking for original work which deals with a wide variety of issues and imagery, including that which might test or challenge boundaries, or disturb sensibilities. But it must be well executed. Please do not send us work which has not been extensively drafted, crafted and polished.
  4. Previous publication is not a problem as long as the previous publisher does not hold copyright. You must inform us of any previous publication when you submit. Posting to blogs or online workshops is not in our opinion publishing, so any such poems or other pieces are clearly eligible. We reserve the right to archive your work as part of this site, and with your specific consent to publish it in a print anthology later; but all other rights remain with the author.
  5. The person who submits work must be the original author.
  6. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us immediately if the submission is accepted elsewhere.
  7. Do not send us sound files unless requested to do so. If your work is selected for SCR we may invite you to contribute mp3 files of yourself reading it, but in that eventuality we will contact you.
  8. All contributors should include brief third person biographical details of up to five lines.
  9. We will attempt to acknowledge receipt of all submissions within four weeks of arrival, but cannot promise to do so.
  10. Payment for publication in The Shit Creek Review is not possible in this life, but contributors will be rewarded in the next. On the other hand the editors are very receptive to offers (redeemable in this life) of cash bribes, vouchers, favours, and so forth.


Please use our online submission form for all poetry submissions:

If you have a problem with the form, please tell us about it. Include useful information, such as which browser (e.g. “Firefox 3.6.8″ or “Internet Explorer 8.0″) and operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac) you are using.

If the form doesn’t work for you, you may email your submission to , but please don’t use this option unless you really need to. We would prefer to receive submissions via the form whenever possible (see “About Our Selection Process” below). If you submit by email, please include your surname and the word “Submission” in the subject line, e.g. “Yeats Submission”. Include up to five poems in the body of the email. If your poems have complex formatting, you may send them in an .rtf file attachment; if you’re familiar with SCR, however, you will have noticed that we tend to prefer poetry in which the words themselves do the work without relying on typographical special effects.


Email prose submissions to . Include the prose in the body of the email, or as an .rtf file attachment. Please include your surname and the word “Submission” in the subject line, e.g. “Yeats Submission”.

We are more interested in poetry-related prose (reviews, essays) than we are in short fiction, but we will consider short fiction that has a strong connection to the upcoming theme.


Email artwork submissions to . Visual arts contributions should be as .jpeg files and may be sent as attachments. Please include your surname and the word “Submission” in the subject line, e.g. “Yeats Submission”. Image submissions should be original work or cite relevant permissions from copyright owners.

About Our Selection Process

We use a mostly “blind” selection process, meaning that one editor forwards the submissions to the other two without any identifying information. This helps us evaluate each submission without the distraction of knowing who sent it (to the extent that that’s possible). We feel this is beneficial to readers as well as contributors.

As you can imagine, this process involves a lot of tedious, time-consuming cutting and pasting. We review hundreds of poems for every issue of SCR, and if we’re going to continue doing things this way, we have GOT to automate some of this work. Your using our online submission form for poetry submissions will help a lot.