by The Five Editors of the Apocalypse

What the Waiter Gave Me 

by David Clarke

A Grief of Others 

by Cally Conan-Davies

Beyond the Phrase Book 

by Mary Cresswell

Let My Elements Go 

by Ryder De’Ath

La Cacciata  

by Charles Doersch


by Kathy Earsman

Apocalypse Now 

by Richard Epstein

Liquid Tiara Diaries  

by R. Nemo Hill


by J.S. MacLean

Solicitation: Love in the Latter Days 

by Richard Meyer

What Happened to the Apples?  

by Rick Mullin

The Meaning of Death 

by Gareth Prunty

The Pier at the End of the World 

by Philip Quinlan

If You’re Not Paranoid
You Don’t Know What’s Going On 

by Basil Ransome-Davies

Just Before They Closed
the Capital Beltway 

by Ben Rasnic

A Mardi Gras Toast 

by Jennifer Reeser

Streetlamp Theatre 

by Rik Roots

Death Rattle Afterglow 

by Mal Westcott

A Zombie’s Take On Walnuts 

by Simon Williams

Stout Infantfish 

by Simon Williams

Amit Majmudar’s Partitions 

a review by Peter Bloxsom

Notes from Afield: An Appreciation of Timothy Murphy’s Hunter’s Log 

a review by Catherine Chandler

Angela France’s Lessons in Mallemaroking 

a review by Ann Drysdale