Death Rattle Afterglow


Time to recall apocalypse in new layers of description, yesterday, what dust sounds like, impossible obelisks, the smell of revelations, towers, shanties flattened, the makeshift of enterprise, hair salons in stacked rubble, fingernail polish in the ruins, mass grave,

Time for the purchase of cactus in the veil between worlds, the encroachment of reeds in the shallows, eutrophication of tyranny, pyramids in the mountains, gauze of smoke, shine of copper, ribbons woven in a staircase to thunderstorms, forgotten, cloud heaven, iridescence piled on the back of a burro,

Time still for so many hands to lift stone, the open bowl, toil of rice, rainy season, concrete heaved, there, just out there, where the asteroid fell, era, epoch, age, period, record of cataclysm, footprints in the lakebed, rodeo in Erongicuaro, beheadings at midnight,

Time for collapse of consciousness in daily airstrikes against rising waters, expansion of tribute, black fog in the gulf, time for that, time for aftermath, chemo promises, starved to remission, cobble, fractals in the catacombs, reload,

Time yet for rise & shine of feathered serpent, mystery of blood, flesh, the mutilated corpse returned with explanation, thud in the streets, desert moon, plasticware in neon, petrodollars, time stilled, the pause in tumult, spent casings, time still for the scenario played out,

Hovered just where it repeats itself.

Donald Zirilli

Donald Zirilli