Patricia Wallace Jones

If You’re Not Paranoid
You Don’t Know What’s Going On


In times of manufactured fear
when history wears a royal sneer
it’s hard to capture an idea
worth analysing …

The neck of culture feels the axe
while justice dangles from the racks
in Matalan & T K Max.
Is that surprising …

We all have choices. Want to be
dismembered by an IED
or suck the toes of poverty?
Tick one of the above …

The nose of a Nevada drone
makes anywhere a combat zone.
The duck of death has overthrown
the dove of love …

Vague bus pass mutants trim their wick
to dreamy visions of Grace Slick,
but memories can make you sick
on waking …

Beware thoughtcrime. The fuzz will frisk
your less-than-innocent hard disk.
Are busts in cyberspace a risk
worth taking …

The peanut gallery sweats cobs
as prime contender Steven Jobs
goes toe-to-toe with Thomas Hobbes:
tough stuff …

What kills the worm for those who think —
A Marxist tract? Another drink?
A book of verse? A listening shrink?
Is love enough …

A meerkat asks you to compare
the benefits of laissez-faire
while Halliburton sucks in air
and breathes pollutant …

Disasters rock the planet’s crust.
Existing protoplasm must
as meerkats come to cosmic dust.
But it’s all right, ma. I am just
a bus pass mutant …