(with apologies to Dick Wolf, producer of Law and Order)

He said his name was Wolf, his age eighteen.
Astute enough to blow another’s bugle,
He did a search of movie stars, on Google,
And emailed her a pic of Jimmy Dean.
P.S.: he loved her scarlet cape and hood;
He loved her; could they meet? Oh, he was canny!
She told him where she lived, and that her granny
Had gone to gather snowdrops, in the wood….

He fettered her, spread-eagle, on the floor,
His eyes afire, his chin awash in dribble,
But, just as he was kneeling for a nibble,
The pussy posse barreled through the door….
It’s on TV; he’s seen it in the slammer,
And “Uncle” Dick paid her his cut, God damn her!


One-Way Ticket