Truth and Fiction in the Poetry of M. A. Griffiths 

an essay by Julie Stoner 

Margaret A. Griffiths: a Personal Reminiscence 

an essay by David Gwilym Anthony 

My Friend and Mentor, Maz 

an essay by Janet Kenny 

Bug on Board: M. A. Griffiths at Sonnet Central 

an essay by Mike Alexander 

Philippe Petit, New York, 1974 

by Sarah Busse 

Mass Mailing Invitation 

by Midge Goldberg 


by Janann Dawkins 

An Unfortunate Sequence of Events 

by Peter Goulding 

How did you lose your leg? 

by Daniel Sluman 

Journal Entry 

by R. Nemo Hill 

Dog Poem 

by Deborah Diemont 

Spanish Mustangs 

by Rick Mullin 

Wild Raspberries 

by Kona Macphee 


by Janet Kenny 

Musing on Mushrooms 

by J.S. Watts 

Muhammad Ali Entered My Dream Just to Say Hello 

by Michael Cantor 

Box Men 

by Michael Cantor 

In Praise of Flab 

by Michael Ferris 


by Jeff Holt 


by Bill Knott 

The Sex of Men 

by Mark Allinson 

Aunt Eudora’s Harlequin Romance 

by Marilyn L. Taylor 

Vintage Pattern 

by Maryann Corbett 


by Maryann Corbett 


by Julie Carter 

St. Vitus Day 

by Julie Carter 

The Laurel Tree—Because Daphne Prayed to the Gods for Help When Apollo Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer 

by Michael H. Brownstein 

No Miracles Today 

by Julie Stoner 

Two Beggars 

by Timothy Kercher 

Rainy Sunday Morning Blues 

by Ruth Foley 


by Esther Greenleaf Murer 


by Philip Quinlan 

A Lion Tulips in the Leaf-Lightning 

by Dale Houstman 

Yada Yada Yada 

by Hemang Desai 

Rick Mullin’s “Huncke” 

a review by Paul Christian Stevens 

Ned Balbo’s “Something Must Happen” 

a review by Rory Waterman 

Knott an Essay (just an intro to ten short poems by Bill Knott) 

by Rose Kelleher