Pan with 2 Dancing Girls

Emilia Bayer

Psalm 98


Sing a new song to the Lord
for the marvels that he makes
with his right hand; his arm
is our deliverance.

To us he shows salvation;
to the nations’ eyes, justice.

He calls to mind his kindness,
his faith to the house of Israel;
so to the ends of the earth
the salvation of God is seen.

Raise a great shout to the Lord,
earth, cry out, sing praises.

Sing to the Lord with a lyre,
a lyre and the sounds of song,

with a trumpet, with a ram’s horn
blow a blast for the Lord, our king.

Let the sea roar in its fullness
with the world and all within it.

Let the rivers clap their hands
and the hills sing out together

to the Lord who comes to judge
the earth with righteousness
and the people with equity.

98 is a psalm which is heavily influenced by David’s earlier work. It uses his “Sing a new song to the Lord” (Psalms 33:3 and 144:9), and expands masterfully on David’s device of invoking the musical instruments used in performing his “poetry psalms.” In the translator’s opinion this might be the most joyous of the 150 poems.